Affiliate Agreement


An approved affiliate is a registered website user that has been authorised by Swanson as a promoter for the goods & services offered by this website.

The term “affiliate” is used as a generic description of a performance-based commission earning relationship for promoting the Swanson brand through sharing our good offers, information and customer relations.

Affiliated partners can work with us in a number of ways, including:

  • Agent or Agency
  • Broker or Brokerage
  • Business Development Manager
  • Influencer
  • Marketer
  • Publisher
  • Reseller for Dropshipping
  • Exclusive Brand
  • Exclusive Channel Supplier
  • or any other Partner integral to our shared customer’s positive experience with our brand, products and services.

Affiliates do not directly purchase, stock and resell products themselves but either; introduce and manage wholesale orders for resellers who do, or promote for sale via the website direct to final retail consumers.

Resellers can also be affiliates when acting as an intermediary on sale negotiations for direct delivery to a Customer – however, no commissions will be payable on reseller affiliate’s own orders.

Resellers also registered as affiliates can received bonus Store Credits for; Samples, Merchandise, Travel & Expenses – budgets will be available at the same rate to either the Affiliate managing orders or the direct Resellers – but not both.

This agreement may be updated from time-to-time, and any material changes will be notified to your registered account email, and available for review and acceptance upon your next login.

The payment of commissions on repeat custom is on the expectation of ongoing relationship management and promotion of the Swanson brand, in return for the regular commission income provided by such relationships.

This agreement may be terminated at any time by either party with 30-days notice in the first year, 90-days notice after 1 year’s sales, 180 days notice after 5-years, and 356 days after 10-years. Commissions will continue to be paid for all sales completed within the notice period.

Any period of 90-days or more after your first sale, without any further sales, will be deemed subject to affiliate account review for suspension, with reinstatement considered a new relationship. This period may be extended or waived during any beta-testing periods or new-business launches.


For your part in representing the Swanson brand and our sharing in our Mission Statement, you will communicate with contacts, potential customers and existing customers with professional decorum and abide by our community Code of Conduct.

You will make use of the relevant available Swanson brand resources from this website, and communicate with your Account Manager any additional resource requests or relevant feedback, for our review and improvement opportunities.

You will analyse your reseller customer’s outlets, audience, existing range, available space, pricing proposition and budgets in curating recommended product orders for stocking with a view to a healthy turnover of fresh stock and repeat ordering.

You will encourage positive feedback from customers that are satisfied with their experience, and support tickets for any with issues that require further communications or actions to achieve full customer satisfaction and positive feedback.

You will use all systems in the spirit of collaborative and sustainable marketing, promotion and sales to add genuine incremental value in growing the audience and customer base for the Swanson brand, and report to your Account Manager any bugs, errors, or omissions that may be detrimental to this aim.

You will provide all necessary details to identify yourself, your organisation, team and account details under our Privacy Policy, and respect the same for our customers – in that any data you have visibility of is solely for the interaction between customers, the Swanson brand and partners.

No data should be extracted or stored in any other systems for any other purpose than these aims at present or in future under the relevant Data Protect laws, regulations and moral duties.

You will respect your local Advertising Standards Authority rules and regulations in all promotional imagery and information, including; restrictions for accuracy, wording, claims, ingredients, certification, licencing, patents, trademarks and other necessary authorisations or endeavours.

You will identify Authentic Produce Limited of as partners for data-sharing in your published and agreed Privacy Policy for your customer relations under Europe’s GDPR regulations and other country Data Protection laws.

Brand Provisions

We will offer the following systems, services and information for your representation of the Swanson brand in servicing our shared customers for a fair and mutual reward through collaborations, commissions, benefits and repeat business from satisfied customers…


We respect that your trusted audience and contacts are important and valuable to you, and they often have a wide choice of brands, so naturally expect to choose the best for the value and service they deserve for their good custom trust in us all.

In respect of the cost of introducing your contacts to Swanson, we offer a motivating commission structure designed to give you confidence in your introductions – through margin-sharing rewards for you with; remuneration, promotional content, timely & accurate customer, product and sales data, transparent systems, and confidence in our goods & services based on your recommendations and personal reputation for our shared promotional goals.

To reward you for the costs of your time in promoting Swanson to each contact you introduce, we have designed a uniquely structured commission-calculation.

Commission value calculations are based on the largest cost being your personal relationship-building and management per contact of any size, and the natural requirement for economies of scale to be created and passed on to customers through volume-discounts with larger reseller audiences.

Commission Tiers

All values are in British Pounds and converted to your local currency exchange rate.

All rates are based on sales within a single Gregorian calendar month, totals are reset on the 1st of each month.

  • 20% commission on sales
    • up to £1,000 per month
  • 15% commission on sales
    • from £1,000 to £10,000 per month
  • 10% commission on sales
    • from £10,000 to £100,000 per month
  • 5% commission on sales
    • from £100,000 to £1,000,000 per month



Samples & Merchandise

All Affiliates will earn a budget of 1% in Store Credit of all total confirmed sales for Samples & Merchandise for yourself or delivery to your customers, friends & family.

Store Credits will created upon confirmed Order Payment and valid for 1-year.

Travel & Expenses

Affiliates achieving over £10,000 in sales in any one month will receive an additional 1% budget for Travel & Expenses to be claimed through the CRM system by provision of Payment Receipts and detailing of the Customers visiting or visited and the related meeting notes. This budget may also be used for Affiliate convention events by invitation.

Other Bonuses

From time-to-time we may offer other time-limited bonuses for reaching targets or in association with partner brands, these will be communicated to you by email and visible in My Account > Affiliate Area > Bonuses.

Commission Examples

For sales with one calendar month.

  • £1,000 in sales would earn:
    • = £200 (20%)
    • + £10 Store Credit (1%)
    • Total earnings £210 (21%)
  • £10,000 in sales would earn:
    • £200 +
    • £1,350 = £1,550 (15%)
    • + £100 Store Credit (1%)
    • Total earnings £1,650 (16.5%)
  • £100,000 in sales would earn:
    • £200 +
    • £1,350 +
    • £9,000 = £10,550 (10%)
    • + £1,000 Store Credit (1%)
    • + £1,000 Bonus for Travel & Expenses (1%)
    • Total earnings £12,550 (12.5%)
  • £1,000,000 in sales would earn:
    • £200 +
    • £1,350 +
    • £9,000 +
    • £45,000 = £55,550 (5.5%)
    • + £10,000 Store Credit (1%)
    • + £10,000 Bonus for Travel & Expenses (1%)
    • Total earnings £75,550 (7.5%)

Obviously for top-tier commission earnings you would be recruiting and managing a team of client relationship managers for store visits and meetings.

However, your income will remain as predictable as your sales – and your client relationships would remain yours for the lifetime of your customer, as long as they place at least one order within the year (365 days).

Sales Calculation

All values are calculated for Retail and Wholesale products and services on confirmed Sales Invoice values, excluding taxes and shipping costs.

High-value items (over £35 per unit Retail and over £15 per unit Wholesale) may have reduced commission rates, as specified in your Affiliate Data feeds, to enable greater price-competitiveness and customer value for these items – although the nature of higher value items will generally mean higher per-item commission total amounts per unit.

Short-dated stock will be excluded from commission payments and totals calculations in respect of the extreme below-cost discounting necessary to make them attractive for purchase before expiry, in the interests of minimising waste and working as a limited-availability product promotional tool.

Samples orders, Discount Vouchers and Store Credits will be excluded from commission calculations.

Customers with Credit Terms will count for total sales commission calculations within the month of the Invoicing, therefore Backorder or Forward Production Orders will be included once ready for Shipment or Delivery.

Totals for calculation are reset at 00:00 UTC on the 1st of every month.

Sales Confirmation for Commission Payout

Sales are deemed payable for commission after payment and the passing of the relevant chargeback period for the payment method used. With Bank Transfers this can be a few days, whereas with Credit Cards this can be up to 90 days.

Advance payment before the chargeback window expiry will then be offered to approved affiliates with a history of 90 days sales without any chargebacks, for earlier payment on the last business day of the month following payment.

Swanson will self-invoice all commissions and schedule payments for your convenience and regularity in receipt of due payments with minimal administration, providing statements through the website login.

Chargebacks confirmed after any commission payments will reduce from sales in the month at the time of the chargeback original invoice.

Customers with Credit Terms will count for commission payment in the month following payment.

Customers with 3rd-party Credit Terms will count for commission payment in the month following payment by the 3rd-party credit provider.

Affiliate Area

The following will be activated in My Account > Affiliate Area when your Affiliate account has been approved:


Setup and view your associate Affiliates, Partners, Teams, Team Leaders & Super Team Leaders with Network Earnings & Statistics.

Lifetime Customers

All your customers for as long as they remain active by having placed an order within the last 365 days.

Customers that have not ordered within the last 365 days will be marked as Dormant and available for any Affiliate to contact as a new Prospect.


Your Payment email, Notifications and custom Affiliate ID.


Generate Affiliate URLs for any landing page on our website, including a optional Campaign Name for your own website and email Analytics recording and analysis.

Website Direct Links

Add your website(s) for approval to be recognised as Affiliate links for any link originating from that website without the need to append the ref= affiliate referral variables both for convenience and confidentiality of our affiliate relationship if prefer.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

For transparency and collaboration in managing customer relations and an excellent service, a CRM system is provided within the website for approved Affiliates.

The CRM system will be made available to you once you are approved as an Affiliate and includes:

For all Website Customers

You can see: Affiliate Network, Creatives, Payouts, Referrals, Visits, Customers, Sales, Invoices, Payments, Shipments, Refunds, Returns, Credits, Discounts, Payouts, Promotions, Events, Newsletters, Voucher Codes, Resources, Banners, Branding, Campaigns.

For Wholesale Customers Only

You can also see their related: Accounts, Bookings, Contacts, Calls, Comments, Emails, Expenses, Feedback, Live Chats, Meetings, Resources, Data Feeds, Order Forms, Presentations, Network, Tasks, and Support Tickets.



A recorded Visitor that creates a website account following your Referral.

Referrals are credited to an Affiliate for 90 days from the last visit, link or code application

Referrals from multiple Affiliates within a 90 day period will be shared for credit equally among the connected Affiliates.


A visit is logged using web browser cookies generated from; approved referral links, approved referral websites or the application of an Affiliate’s unique voucher code in the checkout.

Visits are credited to an Affiliate for 90 days from the last visit, link or code application.

Visits from multiple Affiliates within a 90 day period will be shared for credit equally among the connected Affiliates.


Any contact that you have referred or added directly in the CRM that makes a confirmed purchase.


When a Customer opens a Account, this parent Account can then be used for connection and collaboration with multiple colleagues in the same organisation.


A contact recorded in the CRM system for review of their websites, stores and communications but not yet been contacted to discuss their interest and requirements.


A contact recorded in the CRM system that has registered with the website through your Affiliate link or been registered as a website User by yourself.

Lifetime Customers

Your Customers will remain yours for life as long as you continue to procure and service their orders, as long as they place at least one order within the year (365 days).

Customers that have not placed an order for 365 days will be marked as Dormant and available for any Affiliate to re-contact as a new Prospect.

Customer Communications

All customer communications with ourselves or yourself directly are to be recorded in the CRM system for transparency and collaboration in providing a seamless brand service.


A list of all the Agreements required or signed by you and your Customers.


A diary of you and your customer’s bookings for Calls, Meetings, Services & Support.


It’s still faster to talk than type, increase your information bandwidth by speaking to us and your customers, and keep a record of the Call Notes here for infinite memory and collaboration.


When your Customer’s Comment on anything on the website, you can see it here for following their engagement and interests.



Any emails sent from the Customer’s email to our helpdesk are recorded here automatically and any emails you receive directly you can record manually here.


Any emails sent individually or to a targeted segment group via the CRM.


Email templates for common proactive communications and responses. Refine and reuse the most beautifully crafted communications for faster distribution in servicing common needs.


Emails generated by the system to message Customers about their User Account, Website Interactions or Orders.


You can log travel, entertainment and administrative expenses here to allocate against customers for assessing the total costs of servicing each Customer, Account or Group relative to your commissions earned.


Any feedback your Customers leave on the website, products or services.

We encourage your continual feedback on products, services and systems to strengthen your offering, save you time from any repeat issues, and give customers the best service and value possible – and we will prompt by email request for the same from our shared customers to help assure your own satisfaction with our combined services.

All your customer feedback on the website and products will be available for you to review and suggest or monitor responses to in the CRM system.


Sometimes we need to post original documents, signed scans and print material, generate and log these here just as easily as emails.

Sometimes we receive letter post too, save a picture or scan of them here.

Live Chat

Transcripts of any live-chats you or we have had with your Customers.


Dates, times, places and notes from any personal meetings to record and reference in future communications as required. Expenses can be connected too where relevant because there’s rarely such thing as a free lunch.


All the promised to-dos that we have for the onboarding, servicing and support of customers that aren’t covered in other communications or interactions.



Occasionally we may exhibit at Trade Shows or other Events, details, attendance and prospects can all be recorded against each.


You can see a copy of all email Newsletters and which of your customers are subscribed to and received them, so you can see what every single customer of yours can see and when the received, opened and clicked on it.

Select Affiliates may also be invited to collaborate on creating targeted Newsletters within the CRM.

Voucher Codes

These are unique to each marketing Campaign and Affiliate for tracking all associated Visits and Referrals that don’t come through web and email links.



Web-optimised graphics with our latest branding, promotions and offering to display on your website or your Affiliates.


Consistency in communications and presentation of our brand gives customer’s confidence in our professionalism and security in trusting our identity and quality control for communications and goods presented with it.

Please always ensure you are using the latest Logos, graphics and texts in your communications on behalf of our good brand name and reputation.


Marketing Campaign assets will be available for your to view, adapt, translate, reuse or otherwise create within Brand Guidelines, and upon approval from the Brand marketing department before and independent publishing.


Product data and images for Customers to analyse and import into their own website, electronic point-of-sale or logistics systems, ideally with an integration that will pull the latest updates daily so that they will continually have a copy of the latest information we publish.

The data also include popularity ranking and pre-calculated values for offers and margins to assist Customers with their assessment of our range and offering in-line with their available space, customer needs and business model.

Order Forms

Some people still prefer spreadsheets for analysing the range of products on offer and using the same to build their orders quickly.

These populated spreadsheets can be uploaded directly to the website Basket to quickly create new Quotes and Orders with.


These web pages are the equivalent of slideshows or decks with vertical navigation to tell a story on our brand, customer proposition, regular performance reviews or other custom presentation needs. They can be personalised for specific brand reseller propositions based on their specific needs. Feedback is always welcome on the kind of templates you need to instil confidence in your customers and partners.


For sales to Resellers-only; Orders, Invoices, Payments, Shipments, Returns and Credits will be visible for your reassurance and collaboration in monitoring these for service-level agreements and delivery performance.

Support Tickets

All support tickets from your Customers and Accounts will be visible for collaboration in answering, investigating, tasking and resolving to our shared customer’s complete satisfaction.

Team Networking

Please note: We do NOT have, offer or ever intend to create any kind of multi-level marketing scheme, pyramid sales or similar.

Affiliates cannot sub-contract their relationship with the brand, and all website logins are for unique individuals, not to be shared with anyone else on your team.

Teams will be associated by connection as a groups of individual website logins, each with their own personal logins for data-security and accountability.

There is only one “level” for Affiliates, and only ever will be – this is for cost-efficient value to customers, and respectful reward for regular engagement with your customer’s needs from your experience with the Swanson brand.

Agency Teams or Partners simply share commission based on their internally agreed ratios.

Introducers will only earn a time-limited introductory commission for 90-days from first order – this does not in any way imply a multi-level structure, merely a performance-related one-time introduction bonus.

Recruitment Referral Rewards

In recognition of your experience in working with our brand and shared customers, you are very well placed to introduce new Affiliates to the brand.

To reward Affiliates for introducing new Affiliates, Agencies, Partners or Teams we will offer the same amount that they earn in commission again to yourself for all Sales within 90 days of their first sale.

This gives you generous compensation for introducing and onboarding new Affiliates from your experience – and a way to increase your earnings whilst ensuring that new Affiliate recruitments are for audiences that we don’t or can’t reach, perhaps through different channels, geographic areas or mailing lists.



If you work as part of a team in sharing the work involved with relationship management we can assign your partners as connected Affiliates where all commission payments can be shared equally among your team and paid individually or all to your associated Agency.

Affiliate Partners combined monthly sales will be used for calculation of your total monthly sales and resulting tier calculations.

Teams Management

All Affiliate Management and your Managed Affiliates combined monthly sales will be used for calculation of your total monthly sales and resulting tier calculations.

Team Leader

A Team Leader Affiliate will gathering Leads and confirming Prospects through market research, Calls, Emails & Meetings for subsequent sales and servicing exclusively by your Team Affiliates.

If you manage a team of sales and servicing Affiliates, you can be assigned as the Team Leader for allocation of 10% of your team’s total commission earnings, and your team will be assigned 90% of any direct total commission earnings you earn as Team Leader.

Super Team Leader

A Super Team Leader Affiliate will have your own Affiliates gather Leads and confirm Prospects through market research, Calls, Emails & Meetings for subsequent sales and servicing exclusively by your Team Affiliates.

If you manage a team of lead-generating Affiliates, you can be assigned as the Super Team Leader for allocation of 90% of your total commission earnings, and your team will be assigned 10% of any lead-generated total commission earnings you earn as Super Team Leader.

Travel & Entertainment Expenses

A budget of 1% of total sales will be provided for Travel & Entertainment Expense claims.

In the age of electronic communications via email, calls, video chat and screen-sharing, and carbon-emissions assessments on business externalities and personal moral obligations, travel meetings will be considered optional.

We respect personal meetings are necessary for significant partnership relationship-building, with the increased available conversation-time and personal assessment of a business’s infrastructure and capabilities – although, we encourage record-keeping for the purpose, agenda and resulting information gathered from personal meetings, simply to allow us to justify these movements and account for our collective time and cost-efficiency with a tangible return on these investments.

We do not normally offer retainers or advances for travel & expenses reimbursements without an agreed time-commitment, this is due to our significant and focused investment in product development, marketing assets, systems and services on the expectation that they are sufficient for you to conduct business with.

Our investment in the website systems and brands is to enable your Affiliate business to be remunerated without any unexpected costs or risks, other than your own self-managed and independent communications with customers and prospects – so your investment risk is already assumed in generous commission values, and your returns are guaranteed from your qualified lead generation conversion to repeat customers.

Our business costs are in creating products and services, and yours are in the creation and management of sales and marketing – so both of our accounts can be more accurate and reflective of our respective income & expenses through this policy.

Any extraordinary retainers or travel & expenses negotiations may be offered on a forward-payment basis to affiliates with a proven track-record and existing customer-base, and directly reduced from commission payments due.

Any retainers or travel & expense financing offers are time-limited to 12 months from engagement, after which your commission earnings should be covering your full expenses and further rewards for your good relationship management.


A budget of 1% of total sales will be provided for free samples and Swanson brand merchandise, for delivery to yourself or your customers and paid for by your website Store Credits to use as you wish.



We do not deduplicate against pay-per-click (PPC) or other in-house marketing channels.


Please note, we do not pay commission on order discounts or shipping and service expenses charge at-cost – any extraordinary discounts negotiated, beyond those offered in pricing and promotions, are solely from your commissions, expenses and Store Credits for samples and merchandise.

Cookie & Recall Period

The cookie and recall period is 90 days.

Our customer returns period is 14 days.

Payment method chargeback periods may vary based on the payment method and processor and no commission will be payable on confirmed chargebacks or fraudulent orders.

Pay per Click (PPC)

We operate a closed (PPC) policy and manage our own in-house PPC campaigns via Google Ads and Shopping.

Unless explicit permission has been given, no affiliate is permitted to perform direct PPC linking to the website.

Affiliates are also requested not to bid on brand name terms if operating PPC to their own site – nor derivations or misspellings including, but not limited to:, Swanson.

Any affiliate found to be bidding on brand terms may be removed from the program and any commissions cancelled.

Voucher Code Websites

We do not allow the promotion of via voucher code websites.

Any voucher codes issued will be to specific affiliates based on performance.

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