Swanson Consumption Tips

Please know that Swanson Capsules can be opened and the contents may be dissolved in water or added to other food or beverages. We would not suggest this with a softgel as you cannot remove all of the contents to get the full dosage.

If a product is an enteric or time release formulation, you may lose these special features by removing the contents from the capsule or softgel. This might also leave some nutritional supplements vulnerable to stomach acidity. Others can cause stomach upset or other discomforts without the protective coating. You could potentially lose about 20% of the contents when removing from the capsule or softgel.

Some supplements may also irritate the oral mucosa. For example, we don’t recommend taking cayenne out of the capsule and putting it in a smoothie.

Freezing a Tablet or Capsule may hold the potency longer, however we haven’t tested this nor do we recommend freezing. The reason why is that tablets are very delicate when it comes to moisture. If any moisture gets into the bottle while in the freezer, the tablet could break down. It is also possible that if the bottle should be removed and come to room temperature, this could also create moisture and break down the tablet.

Softgels should not be refrigerated since the glycerin may absorb moisture condensation due to temperature changes, resulting in the softgels sticking together. When softgels are frozen, expansion of contents may cause breakage or leaking, so freezing is also not recommended.

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