Mission Statement

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Swanson.co.uk has been created and is offered to serve you with the following aims:

  • To provide a direct, transparent and traceable route-to market from manufacturer to consumer.
  • To publish unbiased information and offer references and sources wherever possible.
  • To offer links to our industry peers for recognition and direction to primary information sources.
  • To promote cost and energy-efficiency through the use of technology, policies, and communications designed to save time, money and concern.
  • To invest in the health, safety and security of customers, colleagues and partners.
  • To re-invest in development and innovation for the continued improvement and passing on of knowledge and efficiency gains.
  • To campaign for the promotion of fairness and equality in all areas where we have an opportunity or influence.
  • To operate lawfully, respectfully and responsibly to the societies that we service.
  • To support education in health, science, technology and social-responsibility.
  • To make resource-efficient choices in all uses of energy and raw materials where available.
  • To promote open-source software, open-data and contributions back to software communities through feedback, review, testing and code.
  • To respect personal privacy, and the right to have personal data protected and forgotten.
  • To promote security through the use of technology, policies and openness.
  • To make carbon-neutral decisions where possible, minimise negative externalities and contribute to their reduction.
  • To re-use, renew and recycle wherever possible.
  • To apologise if we make a mistake, explain what happened, learn and evolve to continually minimise any risks involved in our operations.
  • To insist our suppliers, clients and partners or notified of this mission statement, are encouraged to adopt their own similar policies, and are offered the free use of our own.
  • To be a net contributor to the societies that we enjoy the benefits of.

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