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Be strong.
Be healthy.
Be full of life.

Swanson International family.

Join us in promoting a healthier, fuller life – through complete nutritional balance…

Be strong.
Be healthy.
Be a part of our.
Swanson International family.

Join us in promoting a healthier, fuller life – through complete nutritional balance…

Be strong.
Be healthy.
Be a part of our
Swanson International family.

Join us in promoting a healthier, fuller life – through complete nutritional balance…

Welcome to the Swanson family!

We’ve been growing our family and developing targeted nutritional formulas since 1969,

to share the best possible health and value with our friends and extended families around the world

Swanson International

Full-spectrum to targetted needs​

From one-a-day multi-vitamins and minerals, to focused botanicals for specific needs, we believe in choice and value whatever your personal needs.

Swanson International

Demographic-specific formulas​

Everyone is unique and so is our product formulation and presentation development – to find and deliver the optimum mix for every stage of life.

Swanson International

Feedback-driven product development​

With over 3 million Swanson customer’s feedback, we have a line of continuous communications to keep evolving our range and formulas.

Share in health,
and a lifetime of opportunity

We believe opportunity is the greatest gift – it is a gift that grows the more we nurture and share in it. Our focus is on promoting a healthier life, with the fuel that our minds & bodies need to pursue our dreams. The Swanson family is an equal-opportunities team, passionate about nutritional innovation through continually seeking the best quality & value for our loyal customers, partners, friends & families. We work together with our international partners, throughout the world, to share in our story with this mission. And we use technology to free the flow of information – working together as a network that is greater than any one of us.

Something for everyone

Swanson customers are better informed than ever – with access to online research and abundant choices.

We analyse our anonymised-customer-data to respond to the changing needs and habits of our audience.

Monitoring the latest in health research and customer experience analysis, to provide a complete range of both common and unique products.

With increasing awareness of ingredients and the ethics of supply chains, today’s consumer has the power to champion brands that align with their own values.

They want to be listened to, recognised, hold public conversations and challenge assumptions.

Our Swanson team are Swanson customers too – through our partner loyalty programs – so we really do live and share these values, and incorporate them in everything we do.

Swanson International

Our Swanson brand is built on the sum of a thousand healthy habits and messages…

“I have built a career focused on helping people along their health and wellness journeys – so they can live their fullest lives, and achieve their dreams.

Among the people I love, I have seen the positive impact of proactive health management on my parents (who are thriving in their 80s), my siblings (my sister is an IronWoman finisher and a breast cancer survivor), my husband (endurance athlete), my girlfriends (trying to juggle it all), and my kids (growing teenagers).

We need to nourish our bodies – we only get one!”

Swanson International

Swanson’s Chief Executive Officer and Triathlete, Katie Doyle

Swanson International

Swanson’s Chief Innovation Officer and Bodybuilder, Shane Durkee

Innovating with increasing
healthy-living awareness and ambitions…

  • Vitamins & Minerals for all ages and personal completeness of nutrition
  • Probiotics for all our nutritional processing challenges
  • Proteins for strength, recovery and competitive athletic ambitions
  • Essential fatty acids to fuel our brains and bodies
  • Botanicals for plant-based alternatives to synthetic drugs
  • Natural foods for health-inspired cooking

“Begin your journey to a better quality of life with personalised supplementary nutritional support”

Listening to our customers…

How has Swanson changed lives? Hear it directly from the consumers that use our products and trust in our high-standards.

Swanson International

“We use Swanson Turmeric with many of our Rescued Mastiffs – and ourselves of course!”

Megan Willis / Student of Veterinary Science
Swanson International

“Been taking this Swanson Vitamin C for years. It has really be a help to my health including my gums. It’s a great antioxidant and easy on the stomach. Love having the vitamin C in a capsule. Feel more confident that my body is really getting all the benefit with the capsule and will take that any day over a tablet which my be flushed out before resolving without having to consume a large amount of sugary drinks.”

Li Chen / Triathlete
Swanson International

“I have been taking this and the liquid tart cherry for my sleep and my joints it has helped greatly.”

Stanton Cruz / Father and Carer

Follow the Swanson story through social engagement

Our original, educational features & imagery are everywhere that our customers are now seeking inspiration.

With over 300,000 social followers in over 50 countries, healthy conversations continue to grow…

Swanson ambassadors​

Our most demanding independent reviewers stake their professional reputations on our effectiveness,
and their loyal followers rely on this trusted guidance to seek the best products for their bodies.

Swanson International

The Everyday Wellness Solutions are great for those who want a general dose of colony forming units (CFUs) for general digestive and immune health and flora support, keeping the good guys strong for optimal gut function.”
Read more at: katheats.com​

KathEats.com / Registered Dietitian
Swanson International

“I wanted to make sure that my body was prepared to have a baby and also to get in the habit of taking them on a regular basis! I’ve actually continued to take the prenatal vitamins even after I had Leo because I knew Justin and I wanted to have another baby at some point so I just decided to carry on with them!”
Read more at: jillianharris.com

Jillian Harris / Mother and Lifestyle Blogger
Swanson International

“one of my favorite online stores, Swanson Vitamins. I have also included a video below where I go over these in detail”
Read more at: ahealthierfitterme.com

Yaitza / Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Specialist.

Meet our extended Swanson family

We like to have a little fun as much as anyone – and the Swanson family caricatures portray our lighter side,

making healthy-habits memorable and celebrating seasonal-promotions together.

Swanson brand assets

We’re as creative with our presentation as we are with our formulas, and our team is your team for your education and promotional needs.

Swanson International

Swanson ethical merchandise

We love being able to give back to customers and our partners

with useful merchandising that minimises waste and shares our Swanson brand family values

Swanson International

Swanson Head Quarters, Fargo, North Dakota USA

From the pastures of mid-west America,
our team works with the world…

  • Building partnerships in every country through trusted distributors and franchises
  • Over 700 staff, partners and associate working around the clock
  • Working in over 250,000 sqft of facilities across 3 USA and 2 UK & Europe distribution centres
  • Servicing over 20,000 consumer and wholesale orders a day
  • With over 1,800 unique Swanson brand products and over 22,000 partner products
  • Bringing wellness to the world through efficiency and the highest possible standards

Swanson world-class logistics

Our investment in automation throughout our supply-chain gives greater value and focuses resources on process-refinement and quality-control

Time to do what you love the most

The Swanson team is growing partner capabilities in the international health products business – by sharing all the things we already do with you.

Our job is to free you to focus on your customer conversation and experience – to bring them the value and quality they deserve for their trust in you.

Swanson retail franchise opportunities…

  • Brand assets for retail presentation
  • Data-feeds & imagery for EPOS systems and local promotion
  • Coordinated promotion schedules for consistent added-value offers
  • Regular features for use in localised marketing-material
  • Product innovation for the longest possible stable shelf-life and efficacy
  • Robust, light and space-efficient packaging for product protection
  • Colour-coded range grouping for customer demographic and price-point focusing
  • Your contact details printed on localised labels for customer-loyalty, supply-chain transparency and traceability
  • Local regulatory compliance support with our qualified legal review of international requirements and registrations
  • Swanson merchandise for brand-promotion with customer-loyalty rewards
  • Guidance on the optimum product-mix from our large sales-data and demand-analysis
  • A range of over 1,800 SKUs to create a bespoke range from, with packaging sizes and variation to suit your space and local preferences
Swanson International
Swanson International

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Transform your healthy thinking and customer’s lives with a team of like-minds…

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