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Swanson Health Products includes a wide variety of supplements to support good health. From individual vitamins to recipes designed for specific health complaints, Swanson produces a capsule suitable for every possible need. As part of his continuing commitment to providing the best possible products, Lee Swanson personally travels across the globe looking for the newest and most effective supplements to add to the range. Their healthy food range includes a number of products specifically for gluten-free, kosher and vegan diets, and many options are made from 100% organic ingredients. Whoever you are and whatever you need, Swanson’s range includes supplements for every member of the family, right down to the family pet!

Swanson produce their supplements in their own facilities, which allows them to maintain rigid standards for potency and purity, and to ensure that they only produce as much as required. This means their products reach customers fresh and with the longest possible shelf life.

Swanson prides themselves on the use of high quality ingredients and will only deal with reputable producers, developers and manufacturers. One such example is Valensa; a certified organic producer of saw palmetto. Even though this berry is only found in the wild, Valensa has worked with the local agricultural authorities to ensure that the area from which they cultivate it conforms to the highest standards. All suppliers are expected to provide a Certificate of Analysis to demonstrate that they have conformed to Swanson’s rigid specifications.

In order to ensure that quality never drops, Swanson uses independent organisations to regularly review their products. Ingredients are tested throughout the manufacturing process and a third-party checks potency and quality at the end of production.

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